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Koala Kid

Koala Kid game
The poor Koala Kid weeps hysterically. Could you make him upbeat once more? Attempt to understand all puzzles to advance through this adorable point-and-snap enterprise game. Your main goal is that you enable the koala to tolerate fledgling to achieve the finish of the confuse where he will host a major get-together with cake and cap hat. Have a ton of fun!

Zombies Runaway

Zombies Runaway game
Fix the undead with this small powerhouse!Slay zombies and gather jewels to proceed with your journey for the unbelievable Lily of Life!

Kaboom Zombies

Kaboom the zombies off the screen with constrained measure of impacts. Do you want to make it?


Welcome to the Zombines! Your errand is straightforward, simply shoot in chains of at least two indistinguishable targets. Gather ammunition and attempt to execute zombies before they can chomp you.

Mickey And Friends in Pillow Fight

Mickey, Donald and Goofy`s calm remain at the Big Stuff Hotel has transformed into a wild cushion battle! Pick a character and fight your amigos until their cushions detonate in a fleecy, padded chaos! On your turn, you have 15 seconds to pick your methodology. To win, you must be the last one standing when the quills clear.

Devil Kid

Enable the fallen angel to kid stand up to the assaulting adversaries and advance through different levels. Foes will assault you from both sides and you should murder them. You will have the capacity to utilize unique assaults and actuate RAGE to cause more obliteration. Gather the catalysts tumbling down from the sky to play out an uncommon assault.

Spiderman Trilogy

Spiderman Trilogy
Be with Spiderman in this enterprise that anticipates him. Help him gather all creepy crawly coins, which are claimed by fiendishness characters. You should go through various obstructions one more troublesome than another. You will dependably be in anticipation, be prepared for the considerable enterprise.

Kid Krusader

An addictive tower protection game set in the medieval and created by OmniArts. The rebelious kid krusaders are coming to pulverize your city! Outfitted with swords, protection, steeds and peculiar griffins, these children will stop at no cost to burst through your barriers! Believe it will be simple, they're simply kids right? Reconsider! Demonstrate no leniency and spend your cash well when you purchase towers, or these children will make sure to traverse! You can play more Defend Tower at Kizi games.

Anime Fighting Jam Wing Game

Anime Fighting Jam Wing Game
Anime Characters' magnificent battling game which can be played alone against to PC or with your companion together as "2 Players" mode, is prepared for anime fans. To play in 2 players mode in this energizing battling game in our Friv kids entryway, please hold up amid the bar is stacking. After this segment, click "Chineese Button" underneath the screen. At that point click "Begin" catch to open the diversion. Enter the second catch from Chineese Menu and there will be showed up 2 unique choices. In the event that you select the second catch once more, you'll begin the game as 2 player mode. When you relegate your characters and the scene, you'll start the game. 

In this impeccable Anime game, first player moves with "W,A,S,D" keys and battles with "J,K,U,I,O,L" keys. second player utilizes "Bolt Keys" to move and "1,2,3,4,5,6" keys (numeric console) to demonstrate his battling styles. 

We trust all anime warriors good fortunes.

One Piece Fighting CR: Sanji Game

This time Sanji character is likewise included to the battle which is in the One Piece team. In this battle, there will be four characters and the thing what these warriors need to do, is to do best in the field. The contender who is out of vitality, loses the battle. Take care of for frail snapshots of your rival and do your assaults as indicated by this and be the person who is champ!
Game controls: 
Player 1:
  • Move: "W,A,S,D"
  • Attack: "J"
  • Jump: "K"
  • Skill: "U"
  • Roll: "I"
Player 2:
  • Move: "ARROW KEYS"
  • Attack: "NUM 1"
  • Jump: "NUM 2"
  • Skill: "NUM 4"
  • Roll: "NUM 5"
Have a ton of fun!

Fighting Brothers Game

Fighting Brothers
Lanes are brimming with criminals and individuals can not stroll around easily. Somebody ought to state stop to these awful folks. Might you want to be that individual? In this road battling, there is no benevolence, there is no absolution. There are just two things which are punching and kicking. In the event that you are prepared, we should start!

At the point when the game is stacked, tap on "Snap TO START" catch to continue principle menu. At that point, tap on "Begin GAME" catch and determine the quantity of player. After then you can begin to game by choosing a level. Your objective in this diversion is to beat your adversaries without stopping. Game controls are the accompanying:
First Player: 
  • Move: "W,A,S,D" 
  • Punch: "J" 
  • Kick: "K" 
  • Bounce: "L" 
Second Player: 
  • Move: "ARROW KEYS" 
  • Punch: "1" (Numeric Keyboard) 
  • Kick: "2" (Numeric Keyboard) 
  • Bounce: "3" (Numeric console) 
Amid the diversion, you can make unique assaults with same key by making more than one hit. Flying kick is only one of them. In the event that you play as two player, you play less demanding. Toward the finish of each level, you will battle against supervisor. It won't simple to execute it as you think.
We will keep on presenting best battling recreations to you with alert. Kindly keep in mind to impart this current game's connect to your companions. By this implies, you can acquire them to play this brilliant game. Have some good times!

Zombie Little and Giant Game

Zombie Little and Giant
Two zombies are battling on an ice field. The goal of the game is disposing of every rival by utilizing ice bolts. Pick player number from first screen and be prepared to begin this clever experience. Alter your shooting's course and quality with your "Mouse". You ought to take after pointers from left base of the screen to acknowledge consummate shootings. You'll experience with a few astonishments amid the game. A fowl flying in the sky can be incured to your bolt. In the event that you experience this sort of experience you'll have an additional possibility that you can shoot this flying creature to your adversary. How about we perceive how great shots you can do. We trust you cheerful days.

Zombie Crypt Game

Zombie Crypt Game
There are a few hard stages in various parts sitting tight for you. You should understand the riddles with your companion to escape from the zombie. This game is a sort of "Flame and Water" amusement arrangement that we've distributed before in Kids Game. You can without much of a stretch finish every section on the off chance that you make a decent association with your colleague. Game is played with "W,A,S,D" keys and "Bolt Keys". Additionally you can utilize "R" key to restart the part and "M" key to delay the amusement. We trust you have a great time.

Zombie Bros

Zombies who lives in the backwoods, had lost their mushrooms one day. There are an excessive number of unsafe things are sitting tight for Zombies who embarked to recover their mushrooms. Might you want to help them?
At the point when the game is stacked, continue by tapping on catch molded as bolt. You can avoid the diversion clarifications by same catch. At that point select a section. In the event that it is your first time with this game, just first level will be accessible. Here is the controls of the game:

  • Move: "A,D" 
  • Bounce: "W" 
  • second Player: 
  • Move: "LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS" 
  • Bounce: "UP ARROW KEY" 
Dull green zombie grabs purple mushrooms and splendid green zombie gets yellow mushrooms. There are a few catches on a few levels. In the event that you venture up on these catches, the lifts moves. Additionally, you have to utilize boxes, or venture up on other zombie to hop higher. The faster you complete a level, the more point you get.
Amid the game, you can quiet or unmute the game sounds by tapping on catches situated on upper left corner of the game screen. You can backpedal to principle menu or restart the present level from the menu which shows up when you tap on catch situated on upper right corner of the game screen. Kindly remember to include our site your bookmark to tail us all the more speedier and play the best two player recreations. Have some good times!

Avatar Fortress Fight 2 game

Avatar Fortress Fight 2 game
Avatar Fortress Fight 2 game proceeds with second serie. You'll begin the game by utilizing "2 Player" area. At that point, you select the components from "World, Fire, Water" alternatives, both for you and for your companion. Every component's impact and guard quality is distinctive. After you allocate the power which's the closest for you, alter the sling's shooting bearing and speed with your "Mouse".

You can without much of a stretch perceive how much vitality left from "Bowing Power" area. Attempt to crush your companion with successful assaults to your companion's mansion in this amusement which is as qualified as the past adaptation in Friv for kids entry.

We wish you good fortunes on this fight!

Sweet Revenge

Clearly the confection dealer has transformed your children into hyperactive idots. You are completely angry. Utilize this vitality and plan for a Sweet Revenge. Your objective in this fun-addicting point and snap amusement is to give proof of the risk of desserts to dispose of the neighborhood confection shop. Much fun! Controls: Mouse


Did you at any point longed for spitting at different people groups confront? In this cool activity diversion every one of your dreams will work out. Go up against the part of the amusing llama and bounce on the trampoline keeping in mind the end goal to bounce all over to spit at much intrusive people as you can. Attempt to get enough coins to buy marvelous updates. Appreciate Llama in Your Face. 

Controls: Mouse = Aim/Spit

Baby Walk

Baby Walk is an entertaining expertise game where you help Little Wayne to achieve the confection. Utilize your mouse to control the infant's adjust and attempt to stroll beyond what many would consider possible. Much fun! 

Controls: Mouse

Dad 'n Me

Dad 'n Me
Dad 'n Me is a cool road battling themed activity game, in which you assume control over the part of the distraught unruly. Attempt to whip all children and crush everything that comes in your direction. Perform combo assaults and vanquish the entire city with your forceful father together. Much fun.

Controls: Arrows = Move, A = Attack/Jab/Pick up, S = Strong

Wasted Youth

Wasted Youth
Wasted Youth is a cool point-and-snap RPG enterprise amusement made by GP Studios. It's your first day at St. Ices Academy, a school for troublemakers and numbskulls. Discover your way around your new school and get in tight with different understudies. Is it accurate to say that you will squander your childhood?

Controls: Arrows = Movement, Shift = Walk/Run, Spacebar = Interact
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